Paige Sullivan and Andrea Rogers became fast friends when they met as poetry students in Georgia State University’s graduate creative writing program. During the summer of 2015, while the two women were going through similar life experiences, they decided to co-author a chapbook of poetry called Duets. The goal for this chapbook was to document their unique responses to the same writing prompts. To do this, the duo utilized a list of pre-drafted poem titles: each poet would select a title, write a poem, then inform the other that she had completed a draft for this title. The other poet would then write a draft with the same title, and the two would compare results. Even when their subject matter overlapped, their respective reactions to the title prompts and approaches to craft created striking intertextual conversations between each pair, or duet, of poems.

Since completing the chapbook manuscript, Sullivan and Rogers have performed their pieces for a segment on Atlanta’s NPR station and at a variety of reading series in multiple states. During these readings, each performs her version of a title, explaining a bit about the history and context of the piece; then, the other performs her take on the same title. They perform their versions back-to-back, switching off to create a layered experience for the audience.